ABCA SP Services, LLC

"Acceptance Beyond Commitment for People with Abilities Support Planner Services!"

Services, Supports and Trainings Offered:

  • Offering Support Planner services and supports to people with CDCS and CSG/FSG funding under EW (Elderly Waiver), AC (Alternative Care), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury and Brain Injury), CAC (Community Alternative Care), CADI (Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals) & DD (Developmental Disabity) waivers in over 40 counties throughout Minnesota,
  • Offering services & supports to languages, cultures and people including, but not limited to: African, American, Native American, Spanish, Hmong, Thai, Laos, Vietnamese, Persian, Russian & Somalian.  “Se Habla Espano!,”  “Waxaan cawiineen dadka Somalida ah ee ubahaan kalmo iyo cawiinada” and “Peb muaj neeg paub lus Hmoob yaur pab koj thiab koj tsev neeg tib si,”
  • A person-centered approach to developing and implementing Community Support Plans (CSP’s),


  • Monitoring and assisting with revisions to the CSP,


  • Coordinating and communicating with individuals, managing parties, case managers and Fiscal Support Entities (FSE's),


  • Provide Essential Lifestyle Planning, Person-Centered Planning, Organizational Assistance and/or Consultation and CDCS training and resources,


  • Assistance in recruiting, screening, hiring, training, scheduling, monitoring and compensating workers,


  • Monitoring the provision of services including activities such as interviews or monitoring visits with the consumer or service providers,


  • Provide Support Planner services directed at the development and maintenance of community living skills, community integration and to facilitate community access and inclusion,


  • Provide staff training that is specific to the CSP,


  • Other training and/or consultation available including:  Essential Lifestyle Planning (ELP), Person-Centered Thinking, PCP approaches to Challenging Behaviors,  Organizational Assistance and/or Consultation, Boundaries & Values, R–E–S–P–C–T, etc.


  • Available to all CDCS and CSG/FSG recipients, and


  • Responds and attends to requests promptly.

For New Services Call: 612-306-0461